Mutual Aid

A community response to the threat of Covid-19.
New contact number: 928-362-2227


Support request form for those most vulnerable in need.


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Kinłani Mutual Aid Online Workshops! April 2022

Kinłani Mutual Aid Online Workshops Click here to register: Online workshop series: April 2022 Wednesdays at 6:00p-7:30p (Flagstaff, AZ time) *Some workshop sizes will be limited. Schedule subject to…

KMA Water Fundraiser Update! 2/28/21

Ya’at’eeh,We are so grateful and excited that we are nearly at our goal of $10,000 to get our water back on!We are now at $9,426.03 thanks to ya’ll. We’re so…

Kinlani/Flagstaff Resources Map

This is a map of resources during the COVID-19 crisis for those in need. It is not meant to be a comprehensive list of local resources nor will it include readily available “official resources.”  This map includes bathrooms and handwashing stations for unsheltered relatives, food distribution points, meals, and shelters. Check our resources page for more info on community-based organizations. Please email us any additional resources or info that should be added.

Solidarity Not Charity!

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